What’s new at Matis Rosebank?

What’s new at Matis Rosebank?

Finally, our updated website is up and running and looking oh so trendy.

We have decided it’s time to keep up with the times, thus we present to you our new and improved Online Retail Store for Retail Products & Gift Vouchers, http://www.matisrosebank.co.za/products. So if you are just too busy to get to us to buy your products, you can order it online & have it delivered to your house.

We have also launched 2 new products targeted at the fight against pollution, Essential Miscellar Water & Matiscity, both of which forms part of the Youth Response (Jeunesse) Range. Both products were tested in highly poluted China & yielded excellent results.

Miscellar water – is an anti ageing 3 IN 1, anti pollution face cleanser for all skin types. It eliminates any trace of make-up, impurities & atmospheric pollutants, & it helps the skin protect itself. It stops pollutant molecules form sticking to the skin.

Ess Miscellar water

Matiscity – is an anti ageing, moisturising & anti-pollution cream for all skin types. Oxidative stress, inflammation, dry skin & a dull complexion is limited & counterbalanced, & skin aging is eased. once applied, it creates a barrier on the skin which helps to limit the adhesion & negative effects of pollutants.


To all the mothers, grandmothers & soon to be moms out there, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day, filled with precious family time, unforgettable memories & tons of love.

It’s a special bond that spans the years.
Through laughter, worry, smiles & tears.
A sense of trust that can’t be broken.
A depth of love sometimes unspoken.
A life long friendship built on sharing hugs & kisses, warmth & caring.
Mother & child their hearts as one.
A link that can never be undone.

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